Cal Harris Jr.
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To me, a great song is one that when you hear it years later, you can remember what was going on in your life at the time because it touched you then and maybe even helped you get through. Songs like that have been gifts to me and I feel a responsibility to give those gifts to others.
— Cal Harris Jr.

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Cal Harris Jr. returns with his long awaited 3rd Release “Soulful”. This collection of emotionally captivating instrumentals speaks volumes without saying a word. His first album on the Innervision Records label includes the #1 hits “Soulful” and “Timeline.” The record features guest performances by Jeff Lorber (keys), Ted Belledin (sax), Mel Brown (bass), Shem von Schroeck (bass) and Innervision label mate Blake Aaron (guitar).

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Soulful” is the best smooth jazz album this year. I can tell Cal spent a great deal of time writing the compositions on this effort as every single song stands on its own. When the entire album was released, I figured from the singles, it would be a good album, and I was correct. It’s an excellent CD.
— Robert G. Raynor on

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